greg smith vs. the internet

I'm Greg, an engineer and artist. You can find me on Twitter and Github.

What's new?


I desgined this game when I was 17 on graph paper, then built it 15 years later.

Learn CSS Layout

Learning and Reference Site

Authors need a mastery of CSS's awkward underpinnings. While many learning sites preach specific techniques, Learn CSS Layout starts with the seedy underbelly of CSS in a way that can teach beginners and clarify for experts.

An Ancient Tome

Collaborative Interactive Fiction

An Ancient Tome is a storytelling game. The main thing you do is write, much as if you were sitting down to write a short story. You and your co-authors will receive a randomly-generated and theme-appropriate Environment. You can respond by taking the story in whatever direction you want!


JavaScript Physics Made Easy

boxbox is a framework that makes it easy for JavaScript applications to use the box2d physics engine. It contains intuitive APIs, new abstractions, and canvas rendering.


Some samples of my art.


A New Old RPG

91 is a Kickstarter -funded RPG that combines old-school gameplay with modern design sensibilities. It takes inspiration from games such as Rogue, EarthBound, and Legend of Zelda.


Text Editor for Drawing

LetterBrush grew out of a tool I use for game development. It lets you edit text files with drawing tools such as lines and flood fill. Great for anyone developing Roguelikes.


Interactive Fiction Murder Mystery

A new game I wrote in a couple weeks to explore the idea of an IF murder mystery. It's very laid-back and takes about an hour to play, so check it out!


A couple of my DJ sets are (legally!) available on Mixcloud.

More Projects

Jams from the Dream World songs that are inexplicably stuck in my head when I wake up.
Fine Objects stuff I find on the ground.
Cloak a library for realtime Node.js games.
Sublime Text 2 Packages my favorite text editor plugins.
jsregex a popular regex tester with big text areas.
keydecode a JavaScript library for normalizing key codes across browsers.
updoc a JavaScript documentation generator.