greg smith vs. the internet

I'm Greg. I love to create and make the world a better place for fellow creators. I'm the developer advocate at Bocoup. You can find me on Twitter and Github.

What's new?


A network layer for HTML5 games using Node.js

Cloak is a library for multiplayer HTML5 games that handles client/server messaging, room/lobby management, and the fiddly edge cases that you don’t want to think about. It’s the plumbing you don’t want to fret over when you’re too busy designing your game.

Learn CSS Layout

Learning and Reference Site

Authors need a mastery of CSS's awkward underpinnings. While many learning sites preach specific techniques, Learn CSS Layout starts with the seedy underbelly of CSS in a way that can teach beginners and clarify for experts.


A New Old RPG

91 is a Kickstarter -funded RPG that combines old-school gameplay with modern design sensibilities. It takes inspiration from games such as Rogue, EarthBound, and Legend of Zelda.


JavaScript Physics Made Easy

boxbox is a framework that makes it easy for JavaScript applications to use the box2d physics engine. It contains intuitive APIs, new abstractions, and canvas rendering.

An Ancient Tome

Collaborative Interactive Fiction

An Ancient Tome is a storytelling game. The main thing you do is write, much as if you were sitting down to write a short story. You and your co-authors will receive a randomly-generated and theme-appropriate Environment. You can respond by taking the story in whatever direction you want!


Text Editor for Drawing

LetterBrush grew out of a tool I use for game development. It lets you edit text files with drawing tools such as lines and flood fill. Great for anyone developing Roguelikes.


Interactive Fiction Murder Mystery

A new game I wrote in a couple weeks to explore the idea of an IF murder mystery. It's very laid-back and takes about an hour to play, so check it out!


I make art and write. I only recently have started making my work public.


A couple of my DJ sets are (legally!) available on Mixcloud.

More Projects

Sublime Text 2 Packages my favorite text editor plugins.
jsregex a popular regex tester with big text areas.
keydecode a JavaScript library for normalizing key codes across browsers.
updoc a JavaScript documentation generator.
grunt-stylus a stylus task for grunt.
ScornBird a Twitter hall-of-shame and favstar parody.